ARD line: Physiological Modulators

Physiological Modulators

The evolution of vitamins and food supplements into Physiological Modulators is a real quantum leap. Vitamins and food supplements offer some generic protection. Physiological Modulators are a set of antioxidants in balanced quantities that offer a specific ORGAN protection.
Oxidation is necessary for life and Physiological Modulators act only where oxidation is excessive without altering its fundamental function. They reproduce what happens in nature and in the human body, where antioxidants are always produced and used at low concentrations and in association.
Physiological Modulators are registered as food supplements.

Clinical Studies

All products of the ARD line have been tested in double blind clinical trials, measuring their efficacy with in vivo measurments of many different parameters, including oxidative stress. Trials have been conducted in collaboration with universities and research centers in Italy, United Kingdom and USA.
More information is available for each product under Selected Bibliography.

ARD Line

The ARD line consists of a full set of Physiological Modulators and solves problems related with oxidative stress in specific body compartments: brain, endothelium, skin, gastrointestinal tract; and help mitigate situations as Metabolic Syndrome, Alzheimer, flue, ...

ARD Cogiton is particularly indicated when cerebral tissue needs a protection against aging: it reduces homocysteine, protects cerebral vessel endothelium from oxidative stress providing the brain with a specific antioxidant defence (PATENTED).
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ARD Stenovit is indicated in all situations where blood vessels need protection against worsening atherosclerosis or other damage connected with excessive reactive species production (free radicals).
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ARD Antilip is indicated to help control blood cholesterol levels (PATENTED).
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ARD Cholesterol is indicated to help control waist circumference, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, as well as increase HDL levels (PATENTED).
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ARD Lipiban is indicated to help control blood pressure, blood glucose, waist circumference, cholesterol and triglyceride levels (PATENTED).
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ARD Colostrum is a gastrointestinal tract antioxidant, and an aid in the prevention and treatment of problems linked to asthenia, lack of appetite, anaemia, pathological conditions, convalescence, dysbiosis and metabolic disorders (PATENTED).
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ARD Esilen is indicated in the prevention and treatment of skin ageing, both in a systemic way (bottles) and a topical way (cream for face and neck).
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