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Cor.Con. International main quarters in Parma, Italy


Cor.Con. International spent the last years in developing and producing innovative top-of-the-art products and technology to solve the oxidative stress problem. Products range from food supplements to drugs, from cosmeceutics to dietary foods.
Cor.Con. International is now expanding the distribution of its products and is looking for distributors worldwide to replicate the remarkable success obtained by the actual distributors. If your company is interested in further details, please go to the contact page.


Cor.Con. International is an Italian company specialized in developing and marketing innovative solutions to the Oxidative Stress problem.

Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS or Free Radicals) derive from physiological processes that produce energy and metabolites or that generate defences against invasive micro organisms. The adverse effect is represented by the Oxidative Stress (OS) which can arise in case of lack of antioxidant defence or by increase of oxidative processes in the body. OS has to be a temporary condition, because if it becomes permanent it may determine a disease. Many different illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, neurological and endocrinological disorders have been related to OS, which can be either a cause or a consequence of the disease. In any case, no matter what is determining its presence, the up regulation of OS is consistent with a pathological condition.

An appropriate equilibrium between oxidation and antioxidants (AOs) is fundamental for life. To understand the relationship between AOs and OS, Cor.Con. International studied the intimate mechanisms that generate the oxidation, and the activity of both endogenous AOs and those made available by food intake or supplementation.

Oxidation is not identical in every tissue and different AOs should be used to face the OS in a given part of the body. This concept is one of the most important in terms of therapy. For this reason different type of AOs formulas have been studied for the oxidation in vessels, in the gastrointestinal system and in the skin, or to prevent the inflammatory process leading to the Metabolic Syndrome, or processes causing brain ageing, or fighting the effects of menopause and estro-progestin therapy, or to stabilize the equilibrium in saliva.

Lines of specific products has been created according to the new clinical way to treat or prevent OS based upon "nutraceuticals with evidence based therapeutic activity".

Our products have been tested at Loyola University in Chicago and at major research centers in Italy (Milan, Pescara, Urbino, Pavia, Parma, Cosenza) and England (London).