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Drugs for the prostate patient and Alzheimer Disease


Aging can be defined as the sum of all the changes that occur with the passage of time in men and in every other living being and which lead to functional impairment and death. The age-related changes are linearly correlated with time and are different from the changes due to the maturation of the individual because they are decremental in nature.
During the aging process there is a differential involvement of the various vital functions. Some functions, particularly those that constitute the vegetative functions, remain unchanged or with little significant changes. A second group of functions is affected by the reduction of the mass of active tissue, such as the kidney, the muscles and the brain, while a third group, the so-called reserve functions (such as cardiac reserve or VO2), shows a marked decline.


Cor.Con. International offers a line of proven drugs to treat diseases in the old men. All drugs derive from natural sources.

Prosteren is based on Serenoa Repens and is indicated for treating benign prostatic hypertrophy. The lipido-sterolic extract (LSE) it contains decreases cell hypertrophy in the prostate gland and it also performs an anti-inflammatory and above all an antioxidant action on prostatic tissue.
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Ateroid is based on polysulphurized glycosaminoglycans (PGA) and is indicated for treating cerebral circulation. PGAs have reducing units and therefore act as antioxidants on endothelial and cerebral cell membranes, as well as being anti-inflammatory agents.
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