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Pasta and bakery dietary food

Clinical Studies

All CorCon dietary foods have been tested in double blind clinical trials, measuring their efficacy with in vivo measurments of many different parameters, including oxidative stress. Trials have been conducted in collaboration with universities and research centers in Italy, United Kingdom and USA.
The data gathered during these studies are the basis of the patents on Marghebice line.

Dietary Foods

The modern era and the food industrialization allow us to have food available in very considerable extent. The relationship between intake of calories and consume of calories tilts the past. We have not changed, but the conditions around us have changed and keep changing.

Proper nutrition is one of the most important pieces to build a healthy lifestyle looking to improve and maintain our health. These reasons led us to add some natural fibers to pasta in order to produce a dietary pasta that, when consumed in place of common pasta, does not allow the weight gain associated with fatty foods (condiments).

In controlled clinical trials it was observed that in subjects who are fed with the dietary pasta on a regular base there is a reduced body weight and a reduction in waist circumference compared to those subjects who are fed with regular pasta. In addition it was found that cholesterol and triglyceride do not increase but on the other hand tend to decrease.

The Marghebice line contains Polyglucosamine derived from natural chitosan and is particularly indicated to bind lipids and especially the most damaging lipids (oxidized lipids) and it mantains the flavor and palatability of traditional pasta. (PATENTED)
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