Kalliope Intensive Skin Repair: lightness and trophism of legs and buttocks

Kalliope vision

Who among you, every day women engaged in professional and domestic activities and caring about affections, is not aware that time represents the most precious treasure?
For you modern woman that have a central role in society, there is the opportunity to finally bring out your femininity, spirituality and your leadership.
A cosmetic line that enhances the femininity of every woman and highlights the leading role of spirituality and leadership hidden in your soul.

Kalliope Body Lifting

Legs, with their load-bearing and aesthetic function, are one of the distinctive features of women.

From an anatomical and physiological point of view, the legs are a part of the body which tends to stay the same, with small alterations, throughout youth and adulthood. This occurs thanks to a series of genetic mechanisms that grant them a sort of longevity, so much so that even after particularly intense physical effort they tend to remain gracefully shaped.

There are essentially four elements which govern the legs' gracefulness: skin elasticity (particularly of the dermis), blood vessel tone, lymphatic vessel tone and, lastly, control of inflammatory processes. The lymphatic system plays a very important role in this part of the body. Moreover, all inflammatory phenomena should be carefully controlled owing to the muscles needed to support the body. This occurs if the so-called vessel and lymphatic drainage is sufficiently efficient to "put out" inflammation when it forms simply by carrying it upwards (dilution).

Kalliope Body Lifting controls blood and lymphatic circulation very efficiently, thus limiting inflammatory processes.

An important suggestion during application is to rub it onto the legs with an upward motion and "lightly slap" or, better, squeeze them with the hollow of the hands. Application should be repeated every evening.


To bring back lightness and trophism of legs and buttocks.


30 ml bottle.


- Red Palm Oil
- Aesculus hippocastanum extract
- Arnica montana extract
- Mimosa tenuiflora extract
- Ruscus aculeatus extract
- Phytosome Escin and Beta-sitosterol