Kalliope Intensive Skin Repair: an evening in tip-top condition

Kalliope vision

Who among you, every day women engaged in professional and domestic activities and caring about affections, is not aware that time represents the most precious treasure?
For you modern woman that have a central role in society, there is the opportunity to finally bring out your femininity, spirituality and your leadership.
A cosmetic line that enhances the femininity of every woman and highlights the leading role of spirituality and leadership hidden in your soul.

Kalliope Flash Lifting Serum

The composition of Kalliope is orchestrated to produce a relaxation which is usually obtained through invasive procedures. As always, the secret of his activities lies in the architecture of the various active ingredients.

The skin has a structure comparable to an adaptable "framework", that is it may be smoothed out within certain limits thanks to the contraction or expansion of certain components and swelling of others able to hold water. In other words, the skin can "lift" naturally. The effect is however only temporary due to its physiological nature.

All of this may be achieved on the face and around the eyes with a lipogel made entirely of natural complexes. When the lipogel is applied, the gel matrix swells (due to the increase in fluids attracted to vessels), moisture levels are maintained (thanks to hyaluronic acid) and the whole "framework" of the epidermis and dermis is sustained temporarily, also with a slight increase in cell volume. The lipogel formula was chosen to make skin distension easier.

The effect is temporary, lasting a few hours, and brings the serenity of a youthful distended face despite the stress of the day.


To relax and distend face and eye contour.


15 ml bottle.


- Red Palm Oil
- Extract of Phytoplankton Nannachloropsis oculata (red alga)
- Bark Extract saponaia
- Kigelia Africana Extract
- Hyaluronic acid