Kalliope Intensive Skin Repair: cleansing and restoring face, neck and shoulders

Kalliope vision

Who among you, every day women engaged in professional and domestic activities and caring about affections, is not aware that time represents the most precious treasure?
For you modern woman that have a central role in society, there is the opportunity to finally bring out your femininity, spirituality and your leadership.
A cosmetic line that enhances the femininity of every woman and highlights the leading role of spirituality and leadership hidden in your soul.

Kalliope Intensive Skin Repair

Fighting the damaging effects caused to the facial skin from contaminants with which we come into daily contact, from stress and fatigue, is the best way to give your face a positive light and to feel calm and relaxed every day. The skin requires constant cleansing and hydration, but these actions must not harm the natural barrier of the epidermis or cause loss of water.

The first step towards skin repair is cleansing, followed by regeneration.

Skin cleansing is a complex process, which has to take the characteristics of the skin (biochemical and histological) into account. It is in fact known as the "fundamental cosmetic act".

A detergent must respect the epidermal barrier, facilitate its cleansing, and maintain its barrier function to prevent excessive water loss. It should not be a conventional "makeup remover", but cleanse gently and ensure the lipid barrier remains intact. All this must be followed by protection and restoration with a true beauty care action.

After a stressful day, smog and other pollutants, the detergent must relax and bring tranquillity (the skin must be soft, healthy and bright), while the restorer must allow all the repair processes to take place.


To cleanse and restore face, neck and shoulders.


30 ml bottle.


- Red Palm Oil
- Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides
- Jojoba oil
- Aloe barbadensis (vera)
- Ascorbyl Palmitate