Kalliope Intensive Skin Repair: delicate elasticity on hands

Kalliope vision

Who among you, every day women engaged in professional and domestic activities and caring about affections, is not aware that time represents the most precious treasure?
For you modern woman that have a central role in society, there is the opportunity to finally bring out your femininity, spirituality and your leadership.
A cosmetic line that enhances the femininity of every woman and highlights the leading role of spirituality and leadership hidden in your soul.

Kalliope Special Care

Your hands need special care, since they are subject to many stresses of various types during the day (mechanical, chemical and thermal). This is particularly true of women's hands owing to their multifunctional roles. They caress, nurse, perform their profession, and yet have to preserve their grace.

One essential characteristic of the hands is skin elasticity. The skin must gently follow muscle activity and elegantly contain the interwoven surface vessels without compressing them, so that they can perform their function. Rapid cell turnover, i.e. the re-formation of tissue, is another peculiarity.

It is clear that the dynamic requirements of the skin on the hands are not the same as those of the skin in general. While the main function of the skin on the neck, for example, is to cover - almost a cosmetic function - that of the hands is a fundamental part of their existence as an organ. Their skin adapts to hypertrophy and callousness while maintaining selective heat sensitivity and the ability to feel.

The ingredients which protect these functions must ensure skin elasticity, resistance and turnover.


To bring back delicate elasticity on hands.


30 ml bottle.


- Red Palm Oil
- Squalene
- Essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6
- Hydrolyzed wheat protein
- Extracts of Aloe barbadensis and Mimosa tenuiflora
- Hyaluronic acid