Marghebice Pasta : eating well and not gaining weight


The activity of Marghebice Pasta has been patented worldwide:
"Food Products": MI2005A000150, PCT/IB2006/000204, 200680004030.3 (China) and 2007132914 (Russia).

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Marghebice pasta contains the most effective polyglucosamine in existence: it has been selected by precise methods able to determine the actual lipid absorption capacity. Polyglucosamine is a natural fibre obtained from sea crustacean shells with special characteristics which allow it to bind the lipids which come into contact with it (absorption capacity).
Among these lipids, cholesterol and fatty acids are of particular interest: these substances follow very particular metabolic pathways in the organism. After normal absorption in food, they are excreted with the bile and immediately reabsorbed by the intestine. If there is a sufficient quantity of polyglucosamine in that part of the intestine, it is able to bind the cholesterol and fatty acids preventing their reabsorption by the organism.

Marghebice Pasta

The pasta from Marghebice line contains depolymerised polyglucosamine extracted from chitin of shellfish, which has the ability to bind lipids and reduce its intestinal absorption, forcing the body to use fat stored in your organism to perform the various biological and physical activities.

The Marghebice Pasta thanks to its polyglucosamine content is able to help the control of body weight, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, especially for people who regularly consumes pasta. The polyglucosamine also has a particular affinity for oxidized lipids which are found mainly in processed foods and can be harmful for the body.

The taste and palability of the Marghebice Pasta is the same as regular pasta. There are no chemical additives added because the process of depolymerization to prepare polyglucosamine is completely mechanical.


To eat well and not gain weight.


- 500g Fusilli
- 500g Penne
- 500g Spaghetti
- 500g Tagliatelle