Research & Innovation for Wellness

We bring innovative ideas into reality to help people live healthy longer and safer

Physiological Modulation

Food Supplements with safe active ingredients for specific needs
combined according to specificity, activity and harmonization


Cogiton® is a patented food supplement based on a specific
and harmonized combination of ingredients
sustaining the normal function of the nervous system

The Next Generation of Food

Functional & Novel Foods represent an expanding market
that can provide relevant answers to important issues of modern-days


We are a private Italian company that daily researches and develops innovative solutions to wellness problems. We believe that people can live longer and healthier lives.

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We develop natural food supplements, cosmeceutics and functional foods from rationale to market through clinical studies, scientific publications, patenting and production.

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We work at your side in order to create original health-oriented products with innovative and customized formulas, dictated by market and by your requirements.

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News and Articles


We had the opportunity to discuss our internationalization campaign with Nicole Ticchi from Clust-ER Health Emilia-Romagna. It was a pleasure to discuss with Nicole about our experience and to shed light on relevant aspects that can support Italian SMEs in their efforts to go international.

Menopause Syndrome, oxidative stress and food supplements

Many women spend almost one third of their lives in menopause, which is a natural process during aging.

There are several natural ingredients able to support women in menopause, and several products are now available, albeit only few can really impact on women’s quality of life. Cor.Con. International has rationally developed and clinically tested a natural supplement that is able to deal with menopause syndrome symptoms.

Cor.Con. International at Vitafoods Europe 2023 in Geneva

Cor.Con. International will attend Vitafoods Europe from 9th to 11th May 2023 at booth L250 with our portfolio of innovative food supplements and services at your disposal.

We strongly believe that Vitafoods can be your opportunity to discover how our philosophy and portfolio can support expanding your reach and bringing innovative solutions to your market in order to help people live healthy longer and safer.

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