Innovative Functional Food

Functional Food (FF) is a unique category of food that provides health effects that go beyond classical nutritional ones. FF may bring beneficial effects on health or in disease prevention, as ruled by UE and USA regulatory bodies. FFs can be valuable tools in the fight against some new emerging global epidemics, such as metabolic syndrome, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. The fortification of  traditional foods with ingredients, micronutrients or naturally occurring chemicals represents a valid option to bring the desired beneficial effects. 

Cor.Con International is currently developing two new Functional Foods that aim at dealing with issues related to metabolic syndrome, promoting the preservation of a good state of health.

Our innovative Functional Foods are patented, tested in clinical studies and proved to be able to reduce blood LDL cholesterol and to improve other metabolic syndrome parameters, exploiting the desired beneficial effect when consumed in regular diet in substitution to traditional food.


Functional Food

  • Chitosan Food: Chitosan can be added to food normally consumed in the diet, as it can be blended in pasta, bakery products, fine bakery wares and snacks. There is no difference in terms of nutritional values and organoleptic properties of food with and without chitosan, thus preserving all the properties of the original food, such as taste, smell and texture. Chitosan may be added to the dough preparation mixture and the final product can be taken as an alternative food option with a specific health claim: “Chitosan contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels”, with the health relationship “maintenance of normal blood LDL-cholesterol concentrations” (EFSA Claim). Currently, in Europe, our Novel Food application on food blended with chitosan is in the last step of the risk assessment phase.

Functional Food


Bringing an idea to the market requires both creativity and a straightforward set of processes. We identify safe active ingredients and combine them according to specificity, activity and harmonization in order to address physiological, regulatory and market needs (Rationale Design). We demonstrate the efficacy and safety of our formulations through scientific investigations (Clinical Studies). We collect data to protect the innovative intellectual property (Patent) and to publish scientific documents for the promotion of the products (Publication). Finally, we release a ready-to-use product through identified channels and pharmaceutical companies that bring the product to the market (Ready to Market).