Arab Health 2024 has been a thrilling four days of sharing and learning. It is now time to head back home, have some rest and enhance our future goals with this new knowledge. We had the pleasure to meet and host at our booth more than 70 companies during four very busy days. Thanks to everybody that shared some of their precious time with us, it has been inspiring.

What did we learn from Arab Health 2024?

1- listen first because different people have different needs
2- learn new cultures because they express what people need and expect
3- be patient because the spot you need to make a breach will arrive if you have done your best

It was a wonderful experience indeed. Special thanks to Clust-ER Health – Emilia-Romagna for the opportunity and for the meetings with the Italian Ambassador in UAE, with the Consul and with the Director at ITA Dubai. The time spent at Arab Health felt like home. We received support from people that infused their kindness, expertise and love in welcoming us as part of a family. We are proud to be from Emilia-Romagna, Italy.