Kalliope Body Lifting is an emulsion based on a specific and harmonized combination of red palm oil, Aesculus hippocastanum, Arnica montana, Mimosa tenuiflora, Ruscus aculeatus extracts, escine and beta-sitosterol phytosomes.

Kalliope Body Lifting is recommended to preserve functional properties of the legs and glutes skin, providing protective, throphic, antiphlogistics and pain-relieving actions. 

Kalliope Body Lifting is based on the combination of six natural substances that consider the specific needs of the legs and glutes skin. The red palm oil sustains all the skin compartments: epidermis, collagen/elastin, vessels and dermal cells. Aesculus hippocastanum extract represents a natural support to blood circulation. The addition of Arnica montana extracts provides with a long-lasting anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving actions, while Mimosa tenuiflora protects endothelial vessels (mainly endothelial joints) and  Ruscus aculeatus extracts are indicated as lymphatic circulation support. Finally thanks to its content in escine and beta-sitosterol phytosome it has a fluidifying action on blood circulation, counteracting stasis issues and facilitating muscles-vessels exchanges.

Scientific Background

Legs with their load-bearing and aesthetic function are characterized by genetic mechanisms that grant them longevity with an inexhaustible load-bearing action for the entire individual’s life, while preserving their graceful shape. Four elements are of paramount importance for legs’ life-span longevity: skin elasticity (particularly of the dermis), blood vessel tone, lymphatic vessel tone and the ability to control inflammatory processes. Indeed, efficient circulation and lymphatic drainage allow for the daily discharge of pro-inflammatory substances from the site where they are produced, preserving a good state of health of legs and glutes. There are several natural substances able to protect these functions, but they have to be specifically and harmonically combined in order to be effective.