Odontovis toothpaste

Odontovis toothpaste

Oral Care

Odontovis Toothpaste is the first antioxidant toothpaste for the Oral Cavity health. Find out details about its properties and production.

Odontovis toothpaste is a toothpaste based on a specific and harmonized combination of Punica Granatum fruit extract and limonene.

Odontovis toothpaste is available as toothpaste tube

Claims and Safety

It exerts antioxidant action (Punica Granatum).*

*Botanical Claims as described in the Annex I of the Italian ministerial decree 10 August 2018(BELFRIT)

The product is safe and conforms to Directive 2002/46/EC. 

The product is conceived only for oral use, avoid eye contact. Keep away from children below 12 years old, unless otherwise indicated by the dentist or doctor.

Scientific Background

The oral cavity is a body tract especially susceptible to oxidative damage, being the first tract of the digestive system that is exposed to the external environment, coming into contact with food, with detrimental agents and with pathogens. Several processes take place in the mouth, such as enzymatic reactions in the early stages of digestion and innate immune activities against pathogens, which can induce an overproduction of oxidative species leading to Oxidative Stress (OS) status. OS affects gingival fibroblast activity, inhibits cell viability and proliferation, inducing inflammation, alteration of the oral mucosa, extracellular matrix remodelling. The OS-induced alteration of  the oral mucosa can lead to pathological manifestation such as periodontitis. At the oral cavity level, saliva plays a crucial role against OS, since it contains several molecules and enzymes, which act as antioxidant defence system. Therefore, saliva represents the first line of defence against oral OS and reduced salivary antioxidant power can lead to exacerbation of oral mucosa alterations.   

A specific, synergic and harmonic formula is required to concurrently address the main aspects of OS and provide micronutrient content that support the physiological actions of saliva.

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