Cor.Con. International at Frankfurt CPhI Worldwide 2022

The voice of Cor.Con. International at CPhI Frankfurt was captured by TgNews24. We would like to share the point of view of people working at Cor.Con. International and the hallmarks of our company.

Matteo, our CEO, talked about the founding idea of the company and the philosophy we are pursuing: “Cor.Con. International was founded about 20 years ago and is a company devoted to research and development activities, as we look for solutions to promote people’s well-being. We began by focusing on oxidative stress through the identification of natural ingredients specific for the different compartments of our body and capable of solving problems related to oxidative stress. Over the years we have managed to patent products for different therapeutic areas. The results obtained have been published in leading international journals.

While Marialaura, our Export Manager, discussed about the relevance of CPhI Worldwide for our company: “Cor.Con. International started its internationalization process last year by selecting several distributors and partners in Europe and non-EU countries. We are focused in different markets such as Germany, Spain and Eastern European countries and the Emirates. We are here to promote our philosophy and products. We want to help people live long healthy lives, we are here to meet new international partners, and CPhI is important for our internationalization strategy.”

Finally, Agostino our R&D Manager discussed about the scientific aspects that shape our corporate philosophy and the ideas that in Cor.Con. International lead to the creation of new products: “Cor.Con. International places great attention on the scientific aspects. Our research and development activities began with the identification of problems related to people’s well-being, once the problems are identified we proceed to the selection of natural ingredients that can specifically solve these issues. This allows us to identify formulas that can address these needs, and we test them by performing clinical studies. Once the efficacy of the product has been demonstrated, we proceed to patent it and publish the results obtained. Only at this point do we proceed to market launch of the product.”

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